Kowordok, Poland? #general

Lisa Grayson <lisa@...>

Hello JGenners,

Might you be able to help solve the mystery of Kowordok, Poland?

Jennie Kulik, b. 1880, maiden name believed to be Maruches, has her place of birth
clearly typed on her husband Jacob Kulik's 1934 US Naturalization as Kowordok,
Poland. There are no matches on JGen's town search, and Google shows absolutely
nothing, including variations replacing K with G and C, and W with V.

What we believe to be her birth family came >from Dzery (Jeziory), Belarus. That
seems a bit of a stretch for Kowordok.

Any ideas? Thank you for your help.

Yours sincerely,
Lisa Grayson
Chicago, Illinois USA

Researching: MARUCHES, FINK, ROSENTHAL in Vilna, Moletai, Grodno, Sopotskin, Dzery,
Liverpool; LEVIN in Grodno; HIRSCHBERG in Vilna and Grodno; GOLDMAN in
Danzig/Gdansk; ROSENBLOOM in Liverpool; ROSEN and ROSENKRANTZ in Warsaw; BARMON in
Lipno and Rypin; WEINER in Berdichev; GOLDBERG in Berdichev and Kiev

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