Re: Kowordok, Poland? #general

Lisa Grayson <lisa@...>

I am grateful to everyone who replied to my query regarding Kowordok, Poland, and
thought I would send a summary of the messages I received >from the many helpful
Genners, in case it might help another researcher.

The general consensus is that Kowordok=Gorodok/Horodok, although (as Anne Kenison
pointed out to me), "Horodok" means "small town," and there are multiple towns with
that name. In fact, the JewishGen town finder shows four matches in Belarus alone:
present-day Haradok, 51 km WNW of Minsk; Haradok, 234 km NE of Minsk; Haradzets
(Horodec in Polish), 271 km SW of Minsk, and Ostroshitskiy Gorodok, 20 km NNE of
Minsk. Not to mention two Horodoks in present-day Ukraine.

After further consultation with another MARUCHES family researcher, we determined
that Jennie KULIK was not a member of the MARUCHES family after all. Still, this
search was a valuable lesson; among other things, it reinforced my belief that
Genners are the best genealogical resource!

Thanks to Yehudh bn Shlmo, Ken Drabinsky, Anne Kenison, Edwin Reffell, Mark
Shapiro, Pamela Weisberger, and Evan Wolfson who (as of 3 April) replied with help.

Best wishes,
Lisa Grayson
Chicago, Illinois USA

Researching: MARUCHES, FINK, ROSENTHAL in Vilna, Moletai, Grodno, Sopotskin, Vzery,
Liverpool; LEVIN in Grodno; HIRSCHBERG in Vilna and Grodno; GOLDMAN in
Danzig/Gdansk; ROSENBLOOM in Liverpool; ROSEN and ROSENKRANTZ in Warsaw; BARMON in
Lipno and Rypin; WEINER in Berdichev; GOLDBERG in Berdichev and Kiev

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