Re: [Canada] Drouin Institute Places 1.3 Million Obituaries Online Free Access #general

Paul Silverstone

This is a great resource. But note that women are listed under their
maiden names and not their married names.

Paul Silverstone
New York

On 4/5/2014 3:06 AM, Jan Meisels Allen wrote:
The Drouin Institute has put online 1.3 million Quebec obituaries dating
from 1999 to the present-access is free. The obituaries have been collected
from 250 different internet sources. The records can be searched by name and
date of death. To access the website go to: .

A list of other records on their website may be found at: . The Drouin Institute is a
subscription site. Only the obituaries listed above have free access. More
information on The Drouin Institute may be found at:

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