Re: [Canada] Drouin Institute Places 1.3 Million Obituaries Online Free Access #general

Marion Werle <werle@...>

Peter Wyant's statement that "in Quebec (perhaps in part because of the use
of the French-based Civil Code) married women very often do not take their
husband's surname when they marry" didn't ring quite true, since my many
Canadian female cousins all took their husbands' surnames. I decided to dig
deeper, and it turns out that Quebec passed a law (article 393 of the Civil
Code of Quebec), effective April 2, 1981, that actually forbids women from
taking their husbands' surname, whether they want to or not. Apparently the
Drouin Institute is following this law in indexing obituaries, regardless of
when the woman got married.

Hope this helps.

Marion Werle

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