Re: Subject: How to find certificate number? #general

Emily Garber

Donna Eschen <Puffins@...> asked:

I know that my gr grandfather Sam (Hyman) KROENDELL or KROENDEL died Nov.
25, 1917 in NYC. His headstone is in Washington Cemetery along with his wife
Dora and son Jack.

I have the date but I need a certificate number to order the death
certificate >from
I can't find him on Do you have any suggestions as to how
to get this certificate number? Could there be a reason it is not there on
Death certificates are issued by the county where the person died, not
where they lived. If the person did not die within one of the Boroughs
of NYC, the the certificate would not have been indexed on I suggest calling the cemetery and asking them if they
can tell you in which county Sam died.

Cemeteries do not have death certificates, but they should have body
transport permits. I have had success at some cemeteries with this
request and have then contacted counties outside of NYC (e.g.,
Rensselaer and Sullivan). Be nice to the cemetery receptionist on the
phone, but insistent. I have also had the experience with one cemetery
where one time they provided the information and another they said
they didn't have it. They likely still had it. The person answering
the phone just may not have been familiar with the files.

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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