Russian Labour Company: Mark DAVIS #general

jackie davis <jdavis318@...>

My grandfather was a private in the Russian Labour Company in WW1. His name
was Mark Davis and his regimental number was 558504. He lived in the UK. I
have never been able to find anything about the Company or his name. When I
researched the National Archives in the UK I didn't come up with anything.

A cousin of my father once told me he had served in the Somme, but I don't
know if that is true. I read that the Company was made up of Russian men who
didn't yet have their naturalization papers. My grandfather took his out
after the War.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I might go to find out about the
Company and/or my grandfather.

Thank your for any help you can give me
Jacqueline Davis
Ottawa, Canada

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