Information about deportation to Kazakhstan #general

Mikael Kanski

Dear genners,

On the Lutsk (Luck) city page on Wikipedia you can read that in 1939
"[a]pproximately 7,000 of the city's inhabitants (mostly Poles) were
deported in cattle trucks to Kazakhstan[...]".

Is there any kind of documentation of this mass deportation to
Kazakhstan? I know that my grandmother (born RYWIEC/RIWEC) and
grandfather (born KON) went to Kazakhstan and lived there until the
war ended but I have very little information about how they got there
and back.

All the best,
Mikael Kanski,
Malmo, Sweden

Researching RYWIEC/RIWEC (Lutsk; Ukraine), KON, SALBERG, SZTABHOLTZ,
HIRSCH (Warsaw; Poland), NISENBAUM and GRIN (Bedzin, Sosnowiec,
Katowice; Poland)

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