Itte Beila & Her Possible Brothers #general

Barbara <barbaralw@...>

My paternal grandmother, married American name Bertha WEINTRAUB, was
born in Maryampol, Stanislawow, Galicia in 1899 and emigrated with my
grandfather and the first of three children in 1921. I've found the
name Itte Beila KAMER on several documents, but family lore and her
death certificate list her maiden name as BRODIE.

A man named Samuel BROD witnessed her naturalization in 1933 and my
grandfather's naturalization in 1922. He lived with them during the
1930 census, and was born in Maryampol, Stanislawow, Galicia in 1887.
Based on the evidence, I think he may be her brother.

However, I can't reconcile the differences in last names and have
found nothing in Galitzianer/Polish/Ukrainian records.

In 1932, Bertha took all 3 young children back to Europe and, according
to the ship manifest, stayed with her brother, Fajbish Fink in
Stanislawow Sluga, a place name that also doesn't make sense.

So that makes 2 brothers with different surnames! I can't find records
on any of the 3 putative siblings in Stanislawow and speculate that each
one is using one parent's father's name and one parent'2s mother
name, giving the option of 4 surnames >from which to choose. <half smile>

Can anyone help me put these pieces together? I've tried searching for
all of them in the vital records for the area, but have found nothing.

Many thanks,
Barbara Weintraub

what is now Ivano-Frankivska oblast, Ukraine
and SCHNEIDER, KATZ, WAXMAN/WACHSMAN >from Ostrowiec, Poland

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