Searching for my Grandfather's birth records #general

Scott Ehrlich <scott@...>

I am searching for a record of my grandfather's birth here in
Massachusetts. Samuel House Cohen was born, supposedly in Boston,
April 15, 1903. His parents were Israel Cohen and Rose/Rachel
(Ganze/Gauze) Cohen. He was also a Mason, and I have reached out to
them, too.

It would be nice to find so my mom and I can see it, and so I can
place Israel's residence at that point in time (Israel came to the US
in 1900).

The State archives does not seem to have a record of him, and a
thorough search of and using as
flexiblle parameters as I could yielded nothing. The state archives
said if he was a home birth, the parents should report it, but may not
have, if that was the case.

I've directly emailed several communities around Malden, where Israel
finally settled, to see if there are any local records of Sam's birth.

Any other ideas of where his birth may have been recorded, outside of
census records which are not official for this purpose and are only 10
years at a time?


Scott - scott@...

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