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The topic of Jewish given names is really complicated. I'm far >from an expert
on it, but several of the names you have listed are called couplets. Dov Ber
is a couplet, since both words represent a bear (the animal). Tzvi Hersh is
another couplet, with both names standing for a deer.

I don't know if this will help you and have lost your original post but I've
sometimes found that naturalization papers (especially the Declaration of
Intention), if filed in 1906 or later, often show both the person's name upon
arrival (Yiddish name) and the American name that they adopted later.

Dave Strausfeld

"Fran Cohen" <fransc1969@...> wrote:
I have the papers >from relatives that show the four sons of Dov Ber listed
as: Moshe Leib - Baruch Vidgor - Chaim Mordche - Tzvi Hersh

I am trying to put the English equivalent to the names that I know them as ...
MODERATOR NOTE: A worthy topic (and one that has been discussed before in this
forum). For a full discussion of "Jewish Given Names," see Warren Blatt's
slide presentation in the JewishGen InfoFiles:

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