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Alexander Sharon

Mikael Kanski wrote:

On the Lutsk (Luck) city page on Wikipedia you can read that in 1939
"[a]pproximately 7,000 of the city's inhabitants (mostly Poles) were
deported in cattle trucks to Kazakhstan[...]".

Is there any kind of documentation of this mass deportation to
Kazakhstan? I know that my grandmother (born RYWIEC/RIWEC) and
grandfather (born KON) went to Kazakhstan and lived there until the
war ended but I have very little information about how they got there
and back.
Deportation of Polish citizens to the East by Soviets took place during
1939 to 1941 in four stages with the following estimated numbers of deportees:

February 1940, 200 to 250 thousand
April 13/14, 1940, 240 to 320 thousand
May-July,1940, 220 to 400 thousand
May-June,1941, 200 to 300 thousand

Polish historiography has obviously overestimated number of the deportees
since following the opening of Russian archives it has been revealed that
320 000 have been deported.

What is important to realize is that Jewish Polish deportees were the bulk
of Polish Jewry that have survived Holocaust in addition to a smaller number
of our people that have managed to survived Holocaust in occupied Poland.

Deportees have been released >from the labour camps following the August 1941
amnesty (Sikorski - Maiski Pact. Some of ex deportees have been accepted to
join Polish pro-British Anders Army and have escaped with their families
to Palestine, some have joined pro-Soviet Polish Kosciuszko Army and fought
alongside Red Army way through Poland.

Rest of the deportees have repatriated to Poland in two stages, first just
after the war in 1945-6, and again in 1955 to 1959.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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