Re: Family Names / Tombstone pictures #general

Martha Forsyth

Try - if there's no page there for the person but you
have info that they're buried there, simply start a page for them
(you'll need to become a [free] member), and "request a photo". These
requests are very spotty though - sometimes they come through, sometimes
not - the good thing is that your request **stays there**, and if years >from
now someone takes a picture, you get notified. (Of course, you want
these quickly, and this won't solve that - advice is still
good: making a page on FaG is always a good thing to do when you find
out where someone is buried. Even if you don't have a lot to put there.)

....Is it possible that anyone that lives in the area and has the time, can
you take a trip to the cemeteries and take pictures of their tombstones for
Martha Schecter Forsyth
Newton, MA
researching SHEKHTER and TELISHEVSKY in Homel/Mohilyov region of
Belarus, and Ekaterinoslav

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