I need help finding my dad's family Surname MISZTA #general


I have been looking for my Grandfathers side for over 20 yrs! I found my
dad thru my dreams/visions he was killed in 2001, it was covered up to look
like suicide, only met him 1 time. All I had was my dad's super faded birth
certificate and adoption papers both >from France. I can find other people
easily but just not my relatives!

I don't know if my grandfather was Jewish, but he either died in France or
Germany and I don't know if he was military or not. I have posted on many
boards/forums over the years but too many dead ends.

Over the years someone in France sent me my Grandfathers death certificate
along with pic of my dad in Germany, but the dates don't add up. I don't
know if it's legit or not. I have been told many lies in my search. My
dreams I use to write down and a French research community asked me many
times when did I leave France? They helped me a lot, by putting my dreams
together in a place I have never been to!

I am looking for Richard Georges MISZTA his father was Joseph MISZTA and
his mother was Caroline OKEKSIAK both deceased according to the French
death certificate. Richard Miszta's death certificate is >from Montargis
(Loiret) France - April 13 1956 died at 25, rue Jean Jaures. He was born at
Zawiercie Poland, July 20, 1921. I have a picture of Richard and his wife
Gisele with his 3 kids in 1954 or 1955 in France.

I have heard stories about him being in Poland Army, he changed his name
so he wouldn't get caught being Jewish, he died in Germany and his plane was
shot down, all his relatives perished in the katyn fire.

I don't speak French or Polish, but over the years I have been able to figure
some out! I have searched for MISZTA and MISTA. I have a friend who translated
many letters to many MISZTA's in Poland thru Facebook, but most tell me not to
look at the past and no one can help me they never heard of those names before.

My dad's name was Dominique Philippe MISZTA born in Paris France died in
Corvallis, OR.

Erin (Miszta)Cruz

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