Great-uncle listed in WWII Tashkent Cards #general


I read with interest Alexander Sharon's reply about transport of Polish Jews
by Russia during WWII

Until now, I thought that my great-uncle, Wolf BLUMBERG, appeared on the
Tashkent Cards for 1941 in the Holocaust Database at JewishGen because he
had escaped >from Poland. The card, translated on Viewmate by wonderful
folks, says that he worked on a collective farm in Fergama District of

I have been unable to learn where he went >from there. The Red Cross
International Tracing Service has no further information. I haven't found
him in the U.S. or England or Israel, though it's possible I haven't looked
at the right records. Can anyone suggest other areas to explore? How would
one find information about d.p. camps, for example?

Joy Weaver
Islip, NY USA

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