Re: Woman's name Paja #general

Tom Klein <bossman@...>

You didn't mention which "old country" it was, or the time frame.

Looking up "Paye" (a guess as to the most likely transliteration based on
the sound) in the JewishGen given names database under Polish names (I picked
Poland because there isn't an option to search all of them) yielded 2
possibilities: Pua, the name of one of the midwives listed in the biblical
story of Moses, or Tziporah, Moses' wife. Of the two, Tziporah is by far
the more common name.

Tom Klein, Toronto

Jake Jacobs <> wrote:
My g'g'grandmother's first name was listed on a marriage record as "Pye."
Several people on this list suggested the name might have been "Paya" or
"Piya" or "Paja"in the old country.

Does anybody have any resources that might cast some light on this name,
where it might have been used, what it means?

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