Lithuania Internal Passports #general

Howard Margol

3,534 additional Internal Passport records have been added to the
Jewishgen Lithuania Database and to the Litvak SIG All Lithuania
Database (ALD) [

These records, and many more, are also available on the appropriate
Litvak SIG District Research Group web site.

These internal passports were applied for in the following towns in
Lithuania - Panevezys, Klaipeda, Palanga, Velvirzeniai, Kartena,
Darbeniai, Andriejavas, Kuliai, Nosedis, and Plateliai.

Even if you are not interested in any of these towns, you should search
the database anyway because the records include the place of birth which
could be entirely different >from the town where the applicant obtained their
internal passport. In addition to doing a surname search, I suggest you also
do a town search if the town of your interest is a small one. Doing a town
search for Vilnius or Kaunas, as an example, will not bring any results as
it would provide a large response that cannot be transmitted.

The internal passport records cover the period, 1919-1940. However, do not
be misled by those dates if your family left there prior to 1919. Your
immediate family may have left but everyone did not leave. Siblings, uncles,
aunts, cousins, etc. remained.

Howard Margol
Founder - Coordinator - Internal Passport Project

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