Registration in the Russian Empire #general

Anne Kenison


Does anyone know who had to "register" in the Russian Empire? Was it connected with
birth, marriage, work, military service?? Were there multiple types of
registration? Only males?

I just found my ggfather registered in one place, living in a second place. I had
always believed him to be "from" a third place.

What are the research implications? Which records would one expect to find where a
person was registered? How can one find out where a person was registered, if one
doesn't already know?

My particular research involves people >from Lithuania and Belarus.

Thank you in advance.

Anne Kenison

Researching OGUROW and OGUR in Samokhvalovichi and Horodok, Belarus (near Minsk);
SHEPSENWOHL in Horodok, Volozhin and other shtetlach in the area of Vileika,
Belarus; KAGANOVICH in the same area; ZALTZMAN in Smorgon, Belarus, WEINER in
Siauliai (Shavl), Lithuania.

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