Landsmanshaft or marriage cert to determine family origin? #general

Roxanne Richardson

My husband's grandmother, Fannie MEYERS was born in Belarus in 1903. She and her
two older brothers, Joseph and Irving, immigrated with their parents Hyman and
Sadie to New York City when she was very young (0-3 yrs). I cant find passenger
manifests for the family, nor naturalization documents for her father or for her
brothers, despite searching every way I could think of, including any girls with
the initials F M born in 1903, who immigrated between 1903 and 1907 with
nationality Russia or Jewish. (I dont know what given names they might have
traveled under. Hyman was probably Chaim, Sadie might have been Shayna, I assume
Joseph was Yosef or something similar. Fannie may have been Feige, Irving may have
been Israel, but I dont know. At this point, I question whether the surname was
actually MEYERS. Maybe MEYER or MEIER, or maybe something else. No idea.)

One of Irvings daughters emailed me a couple of years ago and said she heard the
family was >from Gomel, but she didnt know if that was true or not. She mentioned
that there had been a pogrom in Gomel when Irving was a little boy, and he had
almost been trampled by a horse. It was then that the family decided to emigrate.
I have confirmed that there was a pogrom in Gomel in 1903. Irving would have been
3 or 4 years old, and Fannie would have been an infant, just a few months old.

Hyman and Sadie MEYERS were buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery in Flushings, Queens.
The section they are buried in is associated with the society Beth Abraham Anshei
Dolhinov. My understanding is that this was a landsmanshaft, as well as a
congregation. Dolhinov is a village in Belarus, but it is very far >from Gomel.

Today I received the marriage cert for Fannie MEYERS and Sol SCHONWETTER, which
says Fannie was born in Humil Russia (which is another way of writing Gomel, given
the transliteration challenges). In addition, I received Sadie MEYERs death cert,
which lists Sadie's parents' names, Joseph YEGUTKIN and Yettie COHEN.

The YEGUTKIN surname seems to be a nice lead, as its not common at all, so I have
used JGFF to contact other people researching this surname, including one who is
researching this surname in Gomel.

What I cant figure out is why a family >from Gomel, which was quite large and for
which there were several landsmanshaftn societies in NYC, would belong to a
landsmanshaft for Dolhinov? Is that likely, or is it more likely that they were,
indeed, >from Dolhinov, but for some reason would say they were >from Gomel?

Roxanne Richardson
Minneapolis, MN

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