Re: Seeking information about Imre Laszlo "Laci" HAVAS #hungary


Searching <>, which has a database of Hungarian casualties
and prisoners of war, returns 60 entries, but no Imres, and 2 Laszlos which don't

which is the database of the Israeli museum dedicated to the forced labour
battalions, contains one possible hit: a HAVAS laszlo, a car driver, is listed as
surviving, and located in moscow camp 27/1, reference "uj elet" publication,
January 3, 1947, page 14.

Yad Vashem's database <> seems to have several
references, including at least 2 pages of testimony (be sure to search under "Imre"
and "Laszlo"), and excerpts >from lists of missing and killed forced labourers.

tom klein, toronto

Jake Jacobs <> wrote:
Seeking information about my grandmother's brother who disappeared in the
Hungarian Labor Service in 1943. [snip!]
Imre Laszo "Laci" HAVAS was born in 1908 in Gurahont (Honcto)then Hungary now
Romania. His parents were Jakab Havas (b. Hochwald) and Iren Bleuer. He spent most
of his life in Bekes Hungary. He married Iren GRUNWALD about 1943. [snip!]

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