JGSLA: "My 15 Grandmothers: Rediscovering Spanish Roots from the Inquisition" Thurs, May 15, 7:30PM #general

Pamela Weisberger

Join the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles at our next program:

Thursday, May 15, 2014 At 7:30 PM
My 15 Grandmothers: Rediscovering Spanish Roots >from the Inquisition to the Present
University Synagogue 11960 Sunset Blvd W. Los Angeles 90049

Join author Genie Milgrom on her journey back in time, crossing the planet in
search of her Crypto Jewish or Marrano ancestors. Originally, she was able to find
15 grandmothers in an unbroken maternal lineage going back to the early 1500's and
successfully proved that her family had been Converso Jews >from before the Spanish
Inquisition. This Jewish lineage was traced back to a small village called
Fermoselle, in the province of Zamora, Spain right on the Duero River, across >from
Mogadouro, Portugal. Genie will show her short documentary, In Search of My Roots,
and then discuss how her family story evolved, the research she undertook, and the
writing of her two books.

Cuban-American Genie Milgrom's is a small book but a giant story. She is the poster
child for countless people, particularly in Spain and in the Americas, who would be
able, should they put their minds to it, to trace their ancestry through an
unbroken chain of Jewish mothers. Although the title of the book refers to only 15
grandmothers, by July this year when she attended the Zamora Sephardi conference in
the north of Spain, Milgrom had managed to tack on another seven, grandmothers,
bringing the total to twenty-two.

Genie recently completed a second, methodology-focused book: How I found my 15
Grandmothers. In her first book, My 15 Grandmothers, Genie takes the reader
through the entire journey >from growing up Catholic until she finds her
Crypto-Jewish lineage and embraces the religion of her ancestors. In her new book,
she leads you through all the steps necessary to find your own Jewish lineage
through Catholic and Inquisition records in Spain and Portugal. This is the first
guide of its kind which allows the reader to actually follow in her footsteps. This
method has proven successful for others that have also located their Crypto-Jewish

Both books will be available for sale at the program and Genie will be available to
sign books. To learn more about the two books go to:
http://geniemilgrom.com/howfound15.php and

Genie Milgrom is president of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Miami, the
executive vice president of the Society of Crypto Judaic Studies based in Colorado
Springs and the president of Tarbut Sefarad Fermoselle in Barcelona, an
organization that disseminates information on cultural findings of Crypto Jewry.

The JGSLA library opens at 7:00PM. Members free, guests $5.00.
Refreshments served. No reservations necessary. More info and
directions are on our website: www.JGSLA.org.

Pamela Weisberger
Program Chair, JGSLA

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