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Jeff Miller

I've posted a vital record which is excerpted >from the passenger list for my
FRAIDER/FREIDER family >from Ukraine. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

I'm interested particularly in confirmation of information I include in this
message, correction of any errors in what I've listed, and information about
towns and possibly related individuals, past and present.

I am particularly interested in anyone who might know the family which I
have found originally came >from the town Kuzmin outside of Starokostyantniv;
related families came >from nearby Zhvanets; other possible locations for the
family include Kishinev and Kamenets-Podolskiy.

Although the index for two of the listings shows Trajder, the name is Frajder,
Efraim, with entries for age 19, Male, Single, Ciggarette(maker)(kiosk) ?????hard
to read??.;Yes, Yes, Russia, Hebrew, Russia, Starokow...?? (perhaps short for

The next person of interest is Frajder, Dine Afe 22, female, single,
Milliner, No, Yes, Russia, Hebrew, Dukajewitz ???

Related families came >from Europe to the United States, initially to the New
York/New Jersey area in the 1900 - 1921 timeframe.

My grandmother Jennie was related to FRAIDERs with given names of Pincus,
Morris, Abraham, Sam, Jacob, Jankel (Yankel), etc.

Thank you very much.

Jeff Miller
Maryland/D.C. area

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