Seeking US Arrival Certification Index #general

Bob Fitterman

I'm stuck on a branch of my research and I'm hoping someone can help
out. I have a ship manifest and all the names are readable and
familiar to me except for the youngest child. The name is overwritten
and might be Une or Ude or something else. It's a female child. Next
to the name is a number, and based on what I've seen with other
naturalizations, I believe it is an annotation >from the U.S. Labor
Department at the time they completed the arrival certification. (For
example, when I look up another person's petition, it's accompanied by
the Labor Dept's certification with that number.

So... what I'm wondering is whether anyone knows of an index that
reverses this number to get you to the name of the person whose
arrival is being certified. I speculate they had to have a way to do
this at that time because otherwise if they found 2 people claiming
the same name and arrival date, they'd be unable to figure out who the
first one was they'd annotated and locate the rest of that person's

One other tidbit. I am pretty certain >from part of the annotation on
this record that the naturalization petition would have been filed
around 1941.

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.

Bob Fitterman

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