ROSENSWEET Family from Chicago #general

Lesley K. Cafarelli

I am trying to uncover a connection between my paternal grandfather's
family, KISNER/KIRZHNER >from Shepetovka, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine, and the
family of violinist David ROSENSWEET (1885-1922). There is a family story
that my grandfather's brother, Nathan Kisner, after immigrating to Boston in
1905, spent time in Chicago with the family of a cousin named ROSENSWEIG who
played in the Chicago Symphony. >from the Symphony's list of former
musicians, David Rosensweet is the closest match. He was born in Illinois
shortly after his parents' immigration >from Russia. The family was living in
St. Louis, MO, during the 1900 census, and was back in Chicago by 1910.

David's parents Jacob and Rose (LEHRMAN) ROSENSWEET immigrated to the US
from Russia around 1884, according to census records. The name was probably
originally Rosensweit or Rosensweig. Jacob was born about 1857 and Rose
about 1861, and they most likely married in Russia before coming to the U.S.
I found a naturalization index card that may be for our Jacob Rosensweet
with a naturalization date of 10 September 1892, but I haven't been able to
find the declaration or petition online, nor have I found a passenger list
entry that fits. Jacob died in Chicago in 1925, following the deaths of
David and Rose in 1922. Jacob and Rose are buried in Forest Park Cemetery in

I suspect that the Rosensweets may have been >from the area of Shepetovka in
Ukraine. Jacob Rosensweet was also a cloth cutter and may have known or
worked with my great grandfather David Kirzhner, who was a tailor.

If anyone has further information about this family, please let me know. I
was also trying to find information online that I recall seeing some years
ago about a Shepetovka Landsmanschaft in the Chicago area and would
appreciate information about that as well. Please write to me privately.
Thank you.

Lesley K. Cafarelli
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Researching KISNER/KIRZHNER and MAZUR/MAMSEL (Shepetovka, Ukraine, and
Boston, USA); KOTEL, FEL, and MAZUR/MAMSEL (Slavuta, Ukraine, and Boston,
USA); ROSENSWEET; LEHRMAN; and related families

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