JGS of Colorado - Sun May 18 - Spend a Few Days with More Than 1000 of Your Fellow Genealogists! #general

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"Spend a Few Days with More Than 1000 of Your Fellow Genealogists!"
Presented by Barry Halpern

Location: Jewish Community Center, 350 South Dahlia Street, Denver, CO
- in the Board Room

Date: Sunday May 18th 10:00 until noon

This session is open to the public!

Even if you don't plan to attend the IAJGS conference in Salt Lake City, you
should plan to attend this program!! The International Association of Jewish
Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) will be putting on their annual conference
this summer in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you've never been to one of these,
this year's venue is a prime spot for you to plan to attend. If you can't get
there, you can still benefit >from it even without attending.

Can you imagine what it would be like to spend quality time with more than a
thousand of your fellow Jewish Genealogists? Imagine the benefits you might
gain by being able to pick the brains of a group of people who are researching
YOUR shtetl? Your surname? Your ancestors' hometown?

The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) is an
organization of organizations formed in 1988 to provide a common voice for
issues of significance to its members, to advance our genealogical avocation,
and to coordinate items such as the annual International Conference on Jewish
Genealogy. Member organizations originate >from six continents around the
world, including our own Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado.

The IAJGS holds annual conferences which bring together a wide range of
international genealogists, amateur and professional, to share knowledge, to
teach, and to advance the Jewish Genealogical cause.

While attending a conference is a fantastic experience for any genealogist,
even if you cannot attend, you can benefit. Conference proceedings,
recordings, papers, etc. are available online for both the current year's
and past years' conferences.

Barry Halpern Bio

Barry Halpern has been researching his family history on and off for more than
15 years, though much more intensely during the past several years since he
retired >from a 35 year career in the insurance business. Barry and family have
had a long-time interest in Jewish communities in Asia, having lived and worked
there for about 20 years. Now that Barry is no longer a professional
businessperson, he has become an amateur at several pursuits: genealogy,
photography, astronomy and tennis, in addition to now being known as an amateur
book author. In addition to producing the JGSCO monthly e-newsletter and serving
on the LitvakSIG Board of Directors, Barry is also a member of the Jewish
Genealogical Society of Greater Boston.

JGS of Colorado
Terry Lasky

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