Seeking middle name in Hebrew #general


Morris Jacob BIENENSTOCK (Moshe Yaacov), who married Fannie (Fayge)
PLATZMAN was a founder of Beth El synagogue in Borough Park, NY.
Their son, Arthur Herbert Bienenstock, passed away recently in NYC
(May 3rd), aged 96.

Arthur Herbert Bienenstock was born in Borough Park., Brooklyn, NY.
He attended the Etz Chayim Yeshiva.

His children know that he was called Aharon ben Moshe Ya'acov haLevi,
but think they are missing a middle name in Hebrew to correspond to

Where might we find his full Hebrew name (if there was a "middle" name, too)?

Thanks for any suggestions/answers.

Rachel H. Bernstein (Jerusalem),
on behalf of the Bienenstock family.

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