Re: Researching: HEINISCH, Felix #general

Dave Strausfeld <davestra@...>

One possibility to consider is that he was not allowed into the USA.

Usually at the end of the passenger manifest for any ship there is a
listing of the people who were detained or sent back for one reason
or another (e.g. convicts, other people deemed unfit). So I don't know
if you'll find anything but it's worth scrolling to the end of the
passenger manifest and looking at those last pages.

D. Strausfeld

<Allan Karan, akaran1@..., wrote:
Other than the following facts, I have not been able to find any census,
addresses or naturalization documents other than Felix HEINISCH's
immigration where he states that he is staying with his sister Gertrude.
Researching:  HEINISCH, Felix
Born: abt. 1909 (>from Immigration documents)
Immigration: 13 May 1926 (I have these documents)>

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