Re: Name "Gnendel" #general

glenda <glenda.rubin@...>

If you search on the archives, for Genendel and maybe
Geneshe (various spellings of both are possible) you'll find a
long and interesting thread about the meaning of the names,
including, I think, some varying opinions.

I remember this because Genendel is my Yiddish name, too.

Glenda Rubin
San Francisco Bay Area

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On May 21, 2014, at 5:53 PM, Stephen Katz wrote:

My great-great-Grandmother's name was "Gnendel." She was >from the Wolyn
(Volhynia) Gubernia in Ukraine. I'd like to know the meaning/origin of this
name, and would be grateful if someone could tell me. Thank you.

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