Re: Surname "CHERRY" #general


Not being an expert, I can try to provide some "clues" , based on the
limited information that you included.

I would guess that CHERRY is not a Russian name, and is likely an
anglicized version, hopefully derived >from their original name.
names like CHERNIKOVSKY come to mind, and CHORNYI in Russian (and
related slavic languages) means "black".

And it is worth keeping in mind that, at various times, the term
"Russia" referred to other areas, including Poland, Lithuania,
Belarus, and the Ukraine, with major jewish communities. (see
wikipedia article,
< >)

[MODERATOR NOTE: tinyurl for the above Wikipedia article is ]

tom klein, Toronto

"cherryg@..." <cherryg@...> wrote:

I am searching for information on the above surname whose roots I
believe are of "Russian" origin. My grandparents were designated
"Russian citizens" in the 1901 UK census having arrived in the UK in
the period 1894/1896. They lived in London (UK) most of their life
and had many children.

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