Re: Death Certificates/Registrations Lithuania - Help please? #general

Marcella Shames

Hi List

Does anyone know where or how I can apply for death
certificates/registrations or get burial information for three
people who died in Lithuania? All three people listed below died
of natural causes.

1. Pesah SHAMES d Dec 14 1935 - registered in Mazeikiai
Jewishgen has a record of his death in 1935. Would the
information on that record be all there is or would there
be more detail elsewhere - like where he is/was buried?
Parent's last names, maybe??

2. Leah Shames JOSELOVICH d 1987 Vilnius
I know nothing more about this death except parents were

3. Hane/Chana JOSELOVICH d 1946 Vilnius
14 year-old daughter of Leah Shames (above) and Simon
Joselovich. Died of meningitis.

Any help, suggestions or ideas with the above is much appreciated

Marcella Shames

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