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CHERRY in Yiddish/German also translates to KIRSCH or KIRSCHEN
(plural) and KIRSTEIN which translates in French to CHIRSEN and any
variation of these names that one might think of would witness the
rule to use your imagination to think of other possibilities. My own
experience of finding my Father's second cousin who recalled hearing
his Father lament the fact that my Father had "changed" his name to
KIRSTEIN to give the family a little more panache perhaps with a name
of German sounding derivation.

DIAMANT, KIRSCHEN, FRANKEL, POSNER, Suchostow and area in Austrian Galicia

On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 2:34 PM, Malcolm Gordon Cherry
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I am searching for information on the above surname whose roots I
believe are of "Russian" origin. My grandparents were designated
"Russian citizens" in the 1901 UK census having arrived in the UK in
the period 1894/1896. They lived in London (UK) most of their life
and had many children..

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