Passengers on the DORA leaving Romania 1942 #general

Paul Silverstone

In August 1942 the motor yacht DORA left Braila, Romania, with 15 Jews
on board. Eventually they reached Cyprus, and then Palestine.

I recently discovered a list of the passengers on this boat in the
British Archives, CO 733/445/19. They held Romanian passports.
Passengers on the Dora 26 Oct 1942
ROZNER, Werner born 1908
TURKFELD, Leon born 1908, wife Berta, son Severin, daughter Felicia
WACKER, Leon born 1905, wife Salveria, son Alfred, son Nelo
LUSTIG, Letti born 1875
SCHMELKER, Leon born 1894, wife Ida, daughter Margalit
ROSINER, Isac born 1916
WAGNER, Maria born 1883

Paul Silverstone
New York
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