Re: Finding JewishGen Records I learned of at #general

Howard Fink <HowGen@...>

Hello Dick,

The records that you seek actually come >from the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
database. JRI-Poland records are hosted by JewishGen and also made available
through Ancestry. You will not see all of the extracted fields in the Ancestry
results, or links to the actual records.

Your experience would be better if you were to search using JRi-Poland's search
engine at: You can restrict your search to the
correct area by specifying the Tarnopol region. There are several birth records
where Leib FITZER is listed as the father. The results that you receive >from
JRI-Poland will include links that you can click on to view high resolution scans
of the actual records.

Howard Fink
Digital Archives Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

richard fitzer <> wrote:

I recently found quite a number of records concerning my family >from the 1870's
in ... The help desk at Ancestry has told me that their record is
really an index into a database maintained at JewishGen

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