preserving genealogical work #general

Hanna Grossman <hannakg@...>

I have been doing genealogy for nearly 20 years and am now 83 years
old without an obvious inheritor of my work.

My Reunion data base covers over 5000 persons going back to 1700.

Since my family hails >from Germany the obvious place to archive this
material is Leo Baeck Institute. They tell me that they are delighted
to have my papers but have no interest in the digital data base.

The papers include dozens or hundreds of relatively insignificant
individual copies of government records ( citizenship applications,
social security application, etc) and interesting intellectual
products or historically interesting correspondence of a few of my
ancestors. Without the data base I see no way to relate these
documents to a family, nor any way to preserve all the genealogical
work I have done.

I have published a book but it covers at best a quarter of the
information which I have collected and noted in the data base.

I am perfectly happy to give Leo Baeck the individually or
historically significant documents, but need some entity willing to
archive these materials together with the data base.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hanna Grossman, Cornwall, CT

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