Offering Look Ups at NY Public Library #general

A. E. Jordan

I will repeat an offer I have made in the past .... I will be going to
the NY Public Library this week and I am willing to do specific look
ups/retrievals for people who have something they have identified but
simply can not access because they are not local.

The types of things I can get are articles >from newspapers, city
directories, phone books, state census, birth index, deaths. The
library has resources that are simply not available on line. Also it
is possible to do things like address look ups in the state census very
simply at the library. Also the library has the full 1890 Police
Census (but is it difficult to work with) which is not online at that
big commercial company database. The library has a name only birth
index, a name only death index all the way to the 1980s, etc.

However please note the offer is for specific look ups, i.e. where you
know the information and need someone to retrieve it. I will do a
limited amount of searching but please do not send me very general
questions like "Hyman married Reba can you find it?" or alike.

I am always happy to answer questions about New York records and do
emails to guide you on what is and not available.

If I do a look up for you I of course ask that you cover all the
printing costs, plus a few dollars towards my travel expense is
appreciated but not mandatory.

If you think I can help your searching please feel free to contact me.

Allan Jordan

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