Re: Etiquette Question: Does it matter? #general

Cheryl Freeman

I have also followed this discussion with great interest. Over two decades
I have spent much time and money researching my lines. I happily share my
research on my public but personal genealogy web site. I believe this is
the right thing to do because I want the work I have done to outlive me. My
web site consists of narrative text with links to ancestor trees.
Periodically, I find "trees" or web pages that contain some of the very
unique verbiage I use, but with no source information. All I want is an
acknowledgement that this information came >from my personal research. When
I email the persons who have "lifted" my research, the response has ranged
from anger, i.e., "how dare I not want to share this!" to no reply at all.
So, in addition to not wanting to share information and letting others share
my research, there is a 3rd scenario. I have already shared my research
publically. I have no problem at all with someone copying my research from
my web site, as long as I am credited as having made this information
available. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Cheryl Freeman
Dallas, TX

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