Searching for living relatives of Thomasiusstrasse, Berlin Stolperstein project #general

Judith Elam

In November 2013 I posted a message detailing how a Stolperstein which I
initiated and was laid almost two years ago, was the only one on the street
and sparked a "fire" amongst the residents of that street to research and
honor other victims who had once lived there too.

I described the wonderful efforts of Oliver GEIGER and other residents of
Thomasiusstrasse in Moabit, Berlin, who have banded together to organize
and pay for the cost of Stolpersteine to be laid for all of them. They
have now found 101 victims, and 65 residents are involved in this
unprecedented and moving project.

I have been assisting them to try and locate living relatives of these
victims, and we have found quite a few, some of whom have already been to
Berlin and have been housed in the very building their relative(s) used to
live before deportation. Others will be arriving for their relative's
Stolperstein ceremony. In all cases, the living relatives have been very
moved and overwhelmed by this project.

The first 39 stones will be laid on August 8th at 12.30 pm, the next batch
in October, and the remainder in March 2015. After all 101 stones are laid
on this short street, it will literally be plastered with them, and no doubt
attract a lot of attention and emotion. We believe this is the first
project of its kind in Berlin, but hopefully not the last. We hope that
other residents on other streets will be moved and motivated to follow these
people's shining determination to memorialize every victim who lived on
their street.

I am now posting the list of all 101 victims, in the hope that even more
living relatives will be found and more information on the victims can be
obtained. Please contact me privately at elamj@... if your
relative is on the list. Please forgive the lack of capital letters
for the surnames - this is how I received the list!

[MODERATOR NOTE: This information is presented - below - in tabular
form. Our experience has shown that tables often do not reproduce
properly after they pass through the many layers of transmission to
the final reader of the Discussion Group. Readers are invited to
contact Judith directly for any clarifications.]

Surname First Name Maiden Name

Asch Ellinor
Asch Marta Caminer
Asch Simon
Asch Werner
Badasch Edith Schuber
Bader Hedwig
Birnbaum Jadwiga
Birnbaum Emil Gustav
Birnbaum Ruth
Brenner Paula Nothmann
Caminer Recha
Cohn Julius
Cohn Margarete Lutze
Ehrlich Berta Meyerhof
Ehrlich Leopold
Falkenstein Joachim
Falkenstein Berta Loewenstein
Giballe Hertha Rothkugel
Giballe Siegfried
Glass Charlotte
Glass Clara Haase
Goldschmidt Lola Flora Koppel
Goldschmidt Joseph
Goldberg Helene Cohn
Goldstein Julie Mendelsohn
Goldstein Dr. Siegbert
Grunwald Heinrich
Grunwald Lucie Aschheim
Herrnberg Dagobert
Herzog Lieschen Lea Lichtenstein
Herzog Max
Herzog Dr.Joseph
Herzog Martha Herzog
Hirsch Stephan
Hoffmann Margarete Kreitner
Hoffmann Hans
Hoffmann Rosalie Krisch
Holländer Channa Anna
Holländer Golda Rachela Rosa
Isaacsohn Julius
Israelski Betty Schragenheim
Jarotschinski Paul
Jarotschinski Pauline Leiser
Karger Georg
Kahn Adolf
Kahn Rosa Glass
Kaufmann Dagobert
Kaufmann Rosa Singer
Klein Sigmund
Koppel Margarete Joachimsohn
Kroner Martha
Kroner Selig
Levy Denny
Levy Hildegard Marcus
Levy Jona
Levy Felix
Levy Louise
Leyde Helena Wertheimer
Leyde Sali
Löw Erna (Esther) Rimalt
Löw Liane (Lea)
Löw Nuchem
Löw Wilhelm
Manasse Eva
Marcus Irma Scheinberger
Marcus Kurt
Markus Clara Grund
Mendelsohn Leo
Mendelsohn Martin
Nordon Henriette Cohn
Nordon Berthold
Neumann Willi
Nussbaum Siegmund
Nussbaum Gisela Gessler
Rittler Luise
Rittler Marie Hirsch
Rittler Richard
Rosenthal Charlotte Witt
Rosenthal Martin
Rosenwasser Max Mejer
Rosenwasser Ryfka Regina Ritter
Rosenwasser Elisabeth Levy
Rothkugel Käte
Schragenheim Babette Mann
Schragenheim Siegfried
Schwabe Gustav Ludwig
Schwabe Margarethe Frankenberg
Seckelson Elsbeth Arendt
Silbermann Martha Bernstein
Silbermann Salomon
Sonnenwirth Farkas
Strauss Else
Strauss Moses
Strauss Anna Sternberg
Voss Liselotte Katz
Voss Werner Willy
Weisstein Lotte Klein
Wiener Julius
Wiener Martha Schachian
Zoegall Käthe Böhm
Zoegall Peter Julius

Judith Elam
Kihei, HI

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