Re: Jewish relative in 1892 NY Census #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybr26@...>

Although the 1892 New York Census for New York City isn't available,
there was a 1890 Police Census for New York City which does. This is
available >from the Municipal Archives, and it is on Ancestry. I
checked Ancestry, and the only person close to Rossett is an Italian
man named Giovanni Rosato. That doesn't mean, however, that your
Joshua isn't there, just that it might take some creative searching
for him, as transcription can be awful. The census pages that I found
for my family (many years ago and on paper) are clearly written, but
some may not be. In addition, details like his approximate age might
help on Ancestry, at least.

"I am trying to locate information >from the 1892 NY State Census. My
grandfather, Joshua ROSETT"

Sally Bruckheimer

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