Re: German-language term: "Regalien-paechter" #general

Stephen Katz

In his post of June 10, 2014, Todd Edelman asked about the meaning of the
phrase "Regalien-Paechter," which he found in the 1891 Trade Directory of
Hungary. In civil law (the system based on the Napoleonic Code and followed
in most continental European countries and their former colonies, and in
some other countries), a "Paechter" (the word used in the German language)
is, broadly speaking, one who has the rights to use, enjoy the benefits of,
and reap or harvest the resources of, land of another. It is different
from a lease. So, a Regalien-Paechter was someone who had such rights in
royal domains.
Stephen Katz
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and Boston,Mass.); GREENBERG/BLOCH, Vilna, Lithuania, and Boston,
Mass.); BLUM, LEVINE (Boston, Mass.)

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