Finding a Holocaust survivor #general

Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear JGenners,

A cousin asked me to figure out how a Holocaust survivor, Bryna Bar Oni,
was related to her. We think it's through her KUZNITSKY family which
was >from Bialystok. She remembers being told that Bryna was related to
her years ago by older family members.  Bryna wrote a Holocaust
memoir, The Vapor (Chicago: Visual Impact, 1976). She apparently came
to the US after the war in 1946 and settled in the Chicago area
where she had cousins. She seems to have used a pseudonym for the
book and appears to have married so would not have used the family name.
Also, I've started to check through the book but it does not list last
names only first names for her parents and siblings. They lived in Byten
before the war and then hid in the forest.

Can anyone help me figure out what was Bryna's name in the US and
in Europe so I can try to answer my cousin's question?

Yours in frustration,
Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, IL

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