Passport application - Defining duration of identifier knowing applicant #general

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Edward Sussholz, a nephew of my g3-grandfather Leopold (Lipot) Sussholz
of Hanusfalu, Hungarian Empire, emigrated to the USA in 1912 and after
being naturalized applied for a passport in 1921.

During the naturalization process he first changed his surname to Seesholtz
and then to Seasholes. The person providing identification for his passport
application was Henry Seesholtz, who stated that he knew Edward Seasholes
for nine years, i.e. the full duration Edward was in the USA.

I am trying to determine how Henry Seesholtz was related to Edward - i.e. to
see if he is a (re-named) brother, cousin or just someone he met in the same
business (wool, as was Edward's father and my g3-grandfather per the 1891 Hungarian
trade directory) with a similar name - and so the question I have is that if some
of the time the two knew each other was outside the USA, would that still count, or
does the question about duration of knowing someone only refer to the time both
knew each other inside the USA?

Here is the application document in my Dropbox:
original url:
Todd Edelman
near Los Angeles

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