ViewMate translation request - German headings #general

Hazel Boon

I would really appreciate a word for word translation to English
for the posted row >from an 1898 Galician birth record obtained from
JRI-Poland. I can read the child's name as Susche and the mother as
Basia Haber. I'm particularly interested in the Father's information.

I've posted the image on ViewMate at the following address

I've also posted this 1902 birth record for Bruche >from the same family on
ViewMate at the following address. I would also like a complete translation.

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

My thanks to JRI-Poland for the indexing and links to these records
and to JewishGen for providing ViewMate!

Many thanks for giving your time and assistance in this matter.

Hazel Sandow Boon
Hamilton, ON, Canada

Researching: HABER - Zhuriv & Konyushki, Ukraine, NYC; STARK -
Bobrka, Ukraine, NYC; BELY - Rzeszow, Poland; MONDSCHEIN - Brody,
Ukraine; SADOVSKI/SADOWSKY - Belchatow & Lodz, Poland, NYC;
KANET/KANOT/KANNETT/KANNATT - Czyzewo & Zambrow, Poland, NYC

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