One name: one person or two? #general

Dave Strausfeld <davestra@...>

Hi all,

I have a puzzler for you. Would it be reasonable for there to be
two Jewish women of the same name in a certain shtetl in the late
nineteenth century?

The shtetl in question is Frampol, which had a Jewish population in
1900 of somewhere around 1,000, according to Jewishgen.

So here are my two records:

1) I have a translated birth record for a Sluwa Krikszer born in
Frampol in 1878. In this record, the father's name is Majer.

2) I also have a 1910 passenger manifest for a Sluwa Brenner (nee
Krikszer) >from Frampol that lists her father's name as Moshe.

I have many more records for her and I'm sure her maiden name was

Both women would have been about the same age, which makes me wonder
whether I truly have two different people. Clearly, one of the records
could be in error about the father's name, most likely the passenger

What I'm wondering is, how likely would it be for there to be two
roughly-the-same-age Jewish women of the same name in this shtetl?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Dave Strausfeld

P.S. Complicating things a bit, I also have an 1889 Frampol birth
record for a Krikszer son that says the father's name was Moshe.

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