BAKST and KELMAN family (and rabbis) in Detroit area #general


Trying to get contact information of the BAKST family -

1. Surke Bakst, married Falke KELMAN, and resided in Detroit.Parents
of Leo, Rubin, David and Rose.
2. Surke's brother - Jacob Joshua Bakst father of

1. R. Leo (Leib) Bakst, born about 1920, resided in Southfield, MI
where he was a Rosh Yeshiva.

2. R. David Bakst, born about 1920, was an executive director of The
Council of Orthodox Rabbis in Detroit and was supervising rabbi at
Sinai Hospital >from 1953.
Children - Sarah, Roslin Riva (married Rivlin) Jacob and Norbert.
Neil Rosenstein

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