Re: Free Birthday site #general

Martha Forsyth

Lois Segall asked about a free way to find birthdays online.

I just recently discovered Steve Morse's wonderful search engines on
Birthdays and Relatives - there are four of them, as I recall, about
halfway down the sidebar at , under "Vital
Records". Try more than one - because the different searches apparently
tap different sources, and *one* of them may give you what you want, but
not another.

I am in awe of this site (thank you, Steve - I hope you are
listening!). I recently found a first cousin who had eluded all my
efforts to find him....have had several nice conversations with him and
received photos of many people for whom I didn't have any photo.

Martha Schecter Forsyth
Newton, MA
Researching SHEKHTER and TELISHEVSKY (in all variant spellings) in and
near Homel (now Belarus) and Ekaterinoslav (now Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)

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