Re: eastern european immigrants to uk #general

rv Kaplan

For information about Jews coming to the UK >from Eastern Europe, you
have 2 main options. You can look at JewishGen resources and see what
is available in 'the old country'. Once they got to the UK, given the
absence of passenger arrival lists, you have to see what record they
left during their time here. There is an element of luck involved!

For the minority who naturalised, there should be files in the
National Archives which detail when and where they were born and who
their parents were. You might find that they are named in civil
records of births, marriages and deaths. Birth certificates in Scotland,
for example, show when and where the parents were married.(Especially helpful
if 2 immigrants married in Europe and had a child in Scotland).

Census records (available up to 1911) will give details of age, family
members, occupation etc. Mostly, birthplace is just 'Russia' or
'Russian Poland' etc. In some cases, a specific town or village is
mentioned, but it may not be easily deciphered.

If the immigrant was involved in a Jewish organisation - such as a synagogue,
charity or youth group - they may be mentioned in surviving records.

Harvey Kaplan

Glasgow, Scotland

Malcolm Gordon Cherry cherryg@... wrote:

I am looking for info regarding my grandparents and their family (Russian
citizens) > to UK in the period 1894-1896. Passenger lists at General Registry
Office in UK are > very limited or none existing as is info at
Registration of > immigrants info is also very poor at the GRO, none existing and
not digitized.

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