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Dear genners,

Roberta Sheps asked:
[And now for another puzzle: the last Zalman (my great-grandfather) had the middle
name of Hirsh (Girsh in Russian). I know that there is a number of names which
pair up with the Hebrew equivalent, but Zalman with Hirsh (or Girsh) isn't
one of them. As I haven't seen any other Hirshes in the Lists, can anyone suggest
a reason for this pairing?]

Mt answer is, It is a mistake to think that the name Zalman is only used for the
Hebrew name Shelomo (Solomon), When we look into the book of "Beit Shemuel" a
commentary on the "Shulchan Aruch". (in the year 1689). The author is Shemuel
Ben Uri Shraga Feibush we see that he give to 8 Hebrew names the nickname Zalman,:

Shlomo, Yekutiel, Elazar, Efraim, Meshulam, Elyakim, Shmarja and Shneior.

On you question about the combination Zalman Hirsh, You must to look in you list,
perhaps you can find the name Naftali ? Hirsh is a nickname to the Biblical name
Naftali. The tribal symbol of Naftali is the deer, Look also after the name Zvi
(Deer in Hebrew), this name is not a Biblical name, but >from the middle ages.
In the most cases is the middle name a Patronimic name or >from another name in the

Best regards
Ury Link

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