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Phyllis Kramer

Annette Stolberg posted:
My mother and 3 siblings were born in the Ukraine, Zvenigorod District, town of
Zvenigorodka.... The birth certificate ...inscription in the seal was Chief Rabbi
A. D. PRYBISH, Leshensky District, Kyyv Gubernia. I have tried without success to
find the Leshensky District in the Kyyv Gubernia. Can someone provide any
information about this district.

The JewishGen Communities Database holds a world of marvels... If you go to the
Community Page for Zvenigorodka, at:
among the list of "Nearby Jewish Communities" is "Lysyanka" -- 13 miles NNW of
Zvenigorodka, at 49 15'N 30 50'E. Lysyanka [Rus], Lisinka [Yid], Lisianka [Pol]...

Even tho there's nothing claimed Lysyanka to be a district...
it still looks like a reasonable match...

happy hunting...
Phyllis Kramer, NYC & Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
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