Question on Dutch Genealogy #general

Paula Blank

I'm hoping that someone who understands Dutch Jewish genealogy can help me out. has a family tree called "Ashkenazi Jews of the 18th century"
which my ancestors are on. On the tree there is Barend BERMAN COHEN-MINEKEDOM
who died in 1689 (Amsterdam). His wife is Breinele (died 1687).

This can be found at has a page on the town Monnikendam (9 miles >from Amsterdam)
where there were only 9 jewish men including Barent JACOBS COHEN. (Barend, in
the tree, has a son Jacob). I'm sure these are the same person, but Barent is
supposedly married to Maritgen JACOBS LEVI who outlives him.

This can be found at
[MODERATOR NOTE: Shortened URL - ]

Any ideas how to reconcile the two?

Paula Blank

Researching: LANGER (Amsterdam/ Nowy Sacz Poland/Austria),
COHEN-MONNIKENDAM (Netherlands), ROIZER (Amsterdam), HOLLANDER (Nowy
Sacz), PETERFREUND (Nowy Sacz), PASAMANICK (Lyakhovichi, Belarus), LEYT
(Nesvizh, Belarus), LUKIN/KOZLIN (Slutsk, Belarus), JACOBSOHN/ LEVINSOHN (Latvia)

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