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I'm hoping that someone who understands Dutch Jewish genealogy can help me out. has a family tree called "Ashkenazi Jews of the 18th century"
which my ancestors are on. On the tree there is Barend BERMAN
COHEN-MINEKEDOM who died in 1689 (Amsterdam). His wife is Breinele (died 1687).
You are mistaken, the page says Minekedam. He was burried 29 Dec 1689, it says.

As was usual in Europe, common names like Cohen were often appended with the
name of the place they came from, but only after they left that place.
[a locative]

Minekedam seems a reasonable dialectic form og Monni[c]ke[n]dam.

The Jewish family/ies named "Monnikendam" are large, even in my tree I count
30, >from around 1850 mainly born in Amsterdam, earlier in Monnikendam and the
earliest around 1750 in Nieder-Saulheim, Germany. I am sure there are
unconnected patriarchs to be fond.

This can be found at has a page on the town Monnikendam (9 miles >from Amsterdam)
where there were only 9 jewish men including Barent JACOBS COHEN. (Barend,
in the tree, has a son Jacob). I'm sure these are the same person,
You cannot be absolutely sure, but say it is a reasonable assumption, to be
proven or disproven later.

but Barent is supposedly married to Maritgen JACOBS LEVI who outlives him.
Quite possible dat Maritgen had the Jewish name Breinele, like Barend/Barent
had the Jewish name Berman.

Remember that Jews had no official familynames overhere till 1811/1812 under
Napoleon, so these were either patronyms [Maritgen [bat] Jacob the Levite
and Berman [bar or ha-] Cohen] or [locative, job, colour, foreign, kinui,
etc.] "commonly known as" names. Ha-Cohen of course not being ment just as a
proper name at all, like the Ha-Levi of Maritgen's father Jaacov.

This can be found at
ckendam.htm [MODERATOR NOTE: Shortened URL - ]

Any ideas how to reconcile the two?
See above.

I cannot find many with this name, some eary ones here:

Gershon Minekedam, [perhaps born around 1620 to 1650]
died Mar 1704 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: 10 Adar I 5464

Barend Ber Salomon Shlomo Minekedam,
birth 1713 Enkhuizen??, died 24 Jan 1809 The Hague
he moved >from Enkhuizen to Monnickendam before 1800

I cannot find any in later records, perhaps they all later wrote MONNICKENDAM,
when registering their chosen name in 1811/1812.


A seperate famely name, methinks.

Salomon Zalman Jacob Jokeb v.West Minekedam,
birth 1739 Monnikendam, died 12 Apr 1814 Amsterdam


<>, showing mainly registraions ouside Amsterdam,
Den Haag, has 434 hits on Monnickendam,

<> Den Haag, Rotterdam, around 100,

for Amsterdam far over 1000, but 1939-1994 only 2.

<> about 50 who were murdered in the Shoa.

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
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