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Marilyn Hyman <marilynh@...>

Re Henry Tobias' question about the origin of fish suppers on Fridays in
British Jewish homes

Fish only for the Friday night meal was very common in Britain where the
ancestry was Polish. My late mother (some of whose Polish ancestors arrived
in England in the 1830s and the last of them 40 years later) suggested the
influence of no meat on Fridays amongst Catholic Poles. (See also "The Book
of Jewish Food" by Claudia Roden, who points to the fish dishes which were
adopted by many British Jews and were themselves a legacy >from the
Portuguese Marranos who settled there in the sixteenth century).

To this day my British family eat fish on Friday night, never chicken which
was reserved for lunch on the following day.

Marilyn Hyman
Researching: JACKSON (Sunderland and Margonin); HAWKINYOFF/OKUN
(Odessa);FLUGEL (Veliuona);NEWMAN (Leeds/Poland); VOYCHEROSKI
(Leeds/Poland); POSENER/COHEN(Kolo/London)

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